Calling all Residents of Planet Earth…It’s Lights Out for the Reef!

Earth Hour was founded by WWF in Sydney in 2007 and has now been embraced by 7,001 cities and 152 nations across the globe. And in 2014, Earth Hour will focus attention on one of the world’s most iconic and threatened places: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

As always, Earth Hour only works if you’re part of it. So we’re launching a special Earth Hour television event with Channel Ten to reveal the true story of what’s happening to the Great Barrier Reef due to climate change and more. Then we’ll turn out our lights to make a stand for our reef.

On Saturday 29th March, Earth Hour supporters will get together at small and large gatherings around the country. We’ll tune in to our must-see TV special, before turning out the lights to remind the world that it’s lights out for the Great Barrier Reef, if we don’t stand up to protect it.

We have always been strong supporters of Earth Hour but this year it will hold even greater meaning as we all turn ‘Lights out for the Reef’. The WWF/Earth Hour team will be filming on Lady Elliot Island on Monday 3 March in preparation for the world premier documentary will be televised on Channel Ten at 6pm on Saturday 29th March. Our Managing Director, Peter Gash and his daughter Amy, will be featured in the documentary J

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