Waste Management

Waste management is handled on the Island within the guidelines of conservation in the area and our lease requirements with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Our waste water/grey water is treated in our new AdvanTex Waste Water Treatment Plant and the treated water is used for irrigation of the airstrip. A MEDLI study has been carried out to ensure our waste water system complies with current best practice.

Guests are encouraged to sort rubbish during their stay on the island eg. Food, plastic, paper, aluminium and class. All rubbish is sorted into glass, aluminium, tin cans and general refuse and returned to the mainland for recycling where possible. The island has a strict policy to recycle and reuse products, as per the Environmental Management System. We have also ceased the sale of plastic water bottles on the Island to reduce waste and encourage our guests to use reusable bottles.

Current recyclable waste is removed by barge on our three monthly scheduled, 18 hour trip from Gladstone. All other rubbish/waste is removed on these regular barges and taken to a waste facility in Gladstone - no solid material burials. Food waste/refuse is currently composted in a pit system and management is currently investigating several alternative best practice methods. 

All waste oil from the kitchen and machinery is collected in 200 litre drums and returned to the mainland. Resort management is currently investigating recycling cooking oil into biodiesel fuel. Petroleum based oil wastes are removed to approved facilities on the mainland. Green waste is recycled into the guano layer via composting/woodchipping. We have also purchased a glass oppressor which converts all glass bottles into sand which can be sent back to the mainland.