Guest Speakers





Anthony Hill


15 - 17 Feb 2019

Plastic Pollution Solutions

Jonti Horner

Professor (Astrophysics)

University of Southern Queensland

5 - 9 May 2019
8 - 11 Aug 2019
11 - 14 Sep 2019
6 - 9 Dec 2019


Anthony Hill

15 – 17 February 2019

After discovering plastic floating in the fjords while living in Norway in 2010, Anthony started up a clean-up group and began raising awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution on our environment. Plastic Pollution Solutions was founded in Sydney in 2014 with the mission to "Educate to Engage Behavioural Change". They now have a full curriculum of educational activities which is delivered into schools around Australia. They have covered over 100,000 km, partnered with countless community groups and local councils, forged associations with key scientists, and held over 700 educational events for tens of thousands of Australians of all ages.

Professor Jonti Horner (Astrophysics), University of Southern Queensland

5 - 9 May 2019, 8 - 11 Aug 2019, 11 - 14 Sep 2019, 6 - 9 Dec 2019

Professor Jonti Horner is an astronomer and astrobiologist at the University of Southern Queensland. He first became interested in astronomy at the age of five, and has been hooked ever since. After spending his youth observing the night sky, and going to lectures at his local astronomical society, Jonti went to the University of Durham, where he spent four years studying towards a Masters' degree in Physics and Astronomy. He then moved to the University of Oxford, where he obtained his doctorate for a thesis entitled 'The Behaviour of Small Bodies in the Outer Solar System.'. Once his studies were complete, he moved to the University of Bern, in Switzerland, where he spent three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Spells at the UK's Open University and the University of Durham followed, before he moved to Australia in 2010, to take up a position at the University of New South Wales. In 2014, Jonti accepted a position at the University of Southern Queensland, where he became the Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow.

Jonti is a passionate and enthusiastic science communicator. He gives regular talks to a wide variety of community groups, schools, and astronomical societies, and makes monthly appearances on ABC Queensland's Evenings program, with Kelly Higgins-Devine. Her research covers topics ranging from the formation and evolution of our Solar system to the search for planets around other stars. He is particularly interested in understanding the different factors that could make some of those planets more (or less) suitable for the development of life, and is looking forward to seeing the next generation of astronomical telescopes make a serious effort at answering the question "Are We Alone?".

Jonti writes regular articles for the Australian research news website The Conversation, which can be found at: . His Twitter handle is @JontiHorner, and his personal webpage is located at