Future Initiatives/Actions

Lady Elliot Island’s Management and our dedicated Maintenance Team are constantly striving to improve the eco-resort and its services, and to introduce eco-initiatives to make us a leader in sustainability and best environmental practice.

Our ‘To Do’ list includes:

  • Do everything we can to be good stewards of our beautiful island, protecting its heritage values and biodiversity, so it can be enjoyed by future generation.
  • Continue to reduce our diesel fuel reliance, until the eco-resort is using only sustainable and clean energy from solar power and a ‘bird friendly’ wind turbine.
  • Upgrade our water desalination system.
  • Share our knowledge with others, and use our newly upgraded Reef Education Centre to provide guests and student groups with a world-class learning environment.
  • Continue to introduce green technologies throughout the eco-resort, and improve our (already good) recycling practices.
  • Continue to support research programs to better understand, monitor and manage our island and all its biodiversity.
  • Develop a climate change adaption strategy, and gain Climate Action Certification from Ecotourism Australia
  • Manage the island’s ongoing revegetation to encourage native species to thrive, and eradicate weeds.
  • Ensure good biosecurity measures to protect the island’s biodiversity.

We’re always eager to listen to good ideas from other people! So if you have a great idea for how we can do things better, we’d love to hear from you!