Lady Elliot Island has been the subject of several case studies that can be downloaded:

Sustainable Island Resort
TQ Sustainability

The Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort believes that one key to a sustainable future for everyone, is sharing knowledge about success stories. A good example is the way in which the Resort battled its way to success in establishing a hybrid solar power station on a coral cay, a remote and harsh place to operate and maintain any equipment.  The station integrates solar power, a small diesel generator, and a battery storage system – and getting everything working properly was not easy!

For us, sustainability means transitioning to renewable energy; making sure we’re good stewards of our beautiful island; protecting the island against threats such as climate change, using our newly upgraded Reef Education Centre to educate guests and student groups about what makes our island such a special place that is worth protecting, sponsoring research to better understand the island, and having fun while we do all this!! Making a difference is really important, making sure future generations can enjoy our wonderful island and its incredible biodiversity is really important, and having fun is also really important.

We’re also part of the World Wildlife Fund’s 2 Degree Project, which aims to provide a platform for sharing such stories showing the pathway to a more sustainable future, and how to overcome barriers to change.