Please take a moment to read over Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort’s short but important messages for ALL guests who wish to participate in recreational snorkelling and/or diving.

Snorkelling is a strenuous physical activity and can increase the health and safety risk if you suffer from:

  1. Any medical condition that may be made worse by physical exertion For example, heart disease, asthma, some lung conditions
  2. Any medical condition that can result in loss of consciousness For example, some forms of epilepsy and some diabetic conditions
  3. Asthma that can be brought on by cold water or saltwater mist
  4. Any medication which may cause drowsiness

 Lady Elliot Island Management wishes to advise you that snorkelling is a strenuous activity, even in calm water, and that older persons are at an increased risk of death and injury due to a higher incidence of medical conditions made worse by physical exertion such as heart disease and stroke.

Lady Elliot Island Management further wishes to advise you, of how important it is to inform our Island Team – (orientation supervisor, the lookout, snorkelling supervisor or snorkelling guide) of any concerns about a medical condition whether it be a previous or current condition including your physical capability to snorkel.

By signing the Snorkel Risk Management Assessment on arrival, you acknowledge you have read the Guidelines for Recreational Snorkelers Declaration Waiver and discussed with the Lady Elliot Island staff any concerns about your capabilities whilst snorkelling or diving.

If you wish to dive or would like to try diving for the first time, please ensure you carefully read the Diving Registration Form, and advise Lady Elliot Island’s Dive Team of any pre-existing medical conditions.

As described by the Safety Recreational Water Activities 2011 (SRWA Act), Safety in Regulation Water Activities Regulation 2011 and Recreational Diving, Recreational Technical Diving and Snorkelling Code of Practice 2018, it is the responsibility of staff at Lady Elliot Island to uphold their Duty of Care to every guest, it is then your responsibility as a guest on Lady Elliot Island to ensure you participate in each activity subject to your physical and medical conditions. 

For certified divers wishing to dive at LEI, please read the  PADI RSTC Medical Statement – Participant Record

If you answer “yes” to any of the medical conditions you will require a dive medical in order to dive.

This also includes the use of prescription medications.

If you are aged 45 or over it is highly recommended to have a dive medical.

Divers please note dive medicals must be obtained prior to arrival  on the island.

Please refer to the link for a copy of the SPUMS dive medical

Snorkel Guidelines – Japanese Translation
Snorkel Guidelines – Chinese Translation