If you feel like exploring this amazing Island on foot, grab a copy of the Walking and Snorkelling Trails map. There are two very different walks for you to consider; the Discovery Walking Trail and the Eco Walking Trail.

The Eco Walking Trail (duration 1hr)

The Eco Walking Trail incorporates the Climate Change Trail developed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. The Eco Walking Trail guides visitors through the island’s varied ecosystems, including coastal, rainforest, coral reef, and wetland and features a series of interpretive signs to enhance the island’s existing walking track. The signage will enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of how climate change will affect the island’s various ecosystems though increased sea and air temperatures, increased frequency of intense storms, changed rainfall, rising sea level, ocean acidification and changing ocean currents.

The Discovery Walking Trail (duration 1hr)

The Discovery Walking Trail will take you on a historical tour of Lady Elliot Island where you will learn more about the Island’s unique natural and man-made landmarks and fascinating history, download History fact sheet.