Our 44 room eco-resort provides guests with a genuine eco-tourism experience. All accommodation options are designed to minimise the environmental impact on the island while enriching guests experience of the seasonal, diverse and abundant wildlife.

Unlike mainland tourism operators, our operations must adhere to one of the strictest industry standards in Australia, as set by the Great Barrier Reef Maine Park Authority and documented in our Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System.

Some of the Ecologically Sustainable Features of the Eco Resort Include:


  • Powered by solar energy
  • Recycled building products
  • LED energy efficient lights
  • Low wattage and baffled outdoor lights
  • No televisions, telephones or radios
  • Water saving shower heads
  • Sugar cane toilet paper

Greater Resort

  • Resort footprint is less than 25% of Island
  • ‘Green Guest’ 3-day housekeeping/laundry facilities
  • EcoLab cleaning products used
  • Waste recycled/reused
  • Solar fresh water produced by desalination plant
  • All vessels have no impact, jet motors
  • All water is reused – treated by Waste Water Treatment Plant for irrigation

Kitchen/Café & Bar

  • No single-use plastic water bottles sold
  • No single use takeaway/plastic items
  • All food, cardboard and green waste composted and reused
  • Locally sourced food
  • Recycled paper napkins
  • Sustainable purchasing policy

The Resort also prides itself on education guests about the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and how together, we can help protect it. The Resort has over 30 guided activities including Island nursery tour; Behind the Scenes Tour; Climate Change Trail; Guided Turtle Trek; Marine Debris Clean up; Bird Watching Tour; Night Explorer Tour; Reef Walking; Historical Tour; and Manta Talk. All tours are ‘low impact’ and the Resort adheres to strict Great Barrier Reef Marine Park guidelines for all activities.

Research has shown that 77% of guests surveyed after leaving the island reported that they had positive behavioural changes as a result of their stay on LEIER.