In 2012 Lady Elliot Island was the first island on the Great Barrier Reef to eliminate selling single-use plastic water bottles in the Resort which was another step forward in reducing our environmental footprint.

Reusable bottles are available to guests (at a small fee) that can be filled from drinking fountains located around the resort or from taps in their rooms (cups are also available). The water produced on the island is pure desalinated seawater with no additives.

The extracting, packaging and transporting of a litre of bottled water can emit hundreds of times more greenhouse gases than a litre of tap water, so not only are we reducing the number of bottles but also helping to save the environment.

Next time you’re on Lady Elliot Island make sure to grab yourself an ‘Eco Warrior’ drink bottle and follow the motto Reduce, Reduce & Recycle by eliminating single-use plastic from your daily life!

Refuse the straw

To combat the fight against single-use plastic, we have initiated a step forward by removing plastic straws from our bar/café!

By doing this we are hoping to demonstrate to our guests the necessity to be conscious of the amount of plastic consumed each year and how each person can make a small difference by refusing the simplest of everyday items!

The Resort is also making progress in eliminating single use plastic for condiments with all spreads in bulk containers and coffee and sugar in dispensers.