Master Reef Guides

Our latest blog takes a look at the Master Reef Guides, a group of passionate and knowledgeable Great Barrier Reef advocates educating across all regions of the marine park!

What is a Master Reef Guide?

Master Reef Guides are striving to be the world’s leading reef guides and interpreters, sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. As reef ambassadors, they impart up-to-date scientific and management information about the reef and explain what people can do to make a difference. This team of reef advocates aims to inspire future generations through providing unique and interesting in-person tours and to further reach people virtually where possible.

The Master Reef Guide Program is delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators and Tourism and Events Queensland and is the first of its kind for the Reef.

Where are they located?

Master Reef Guides are located in all four main regions of the Great Barrier Reef including the southern region, far northern region, Townsville and Whitsundays region and the Cairns region with several of them also moving around across these regions. There are currently 82 MRG’s in the Great Barrier Reef!

Why should we book a tour with a Master Reef Guide?

Master Reef Guides are trained by leading scientists and science communicators, presenters, and well-known reef advocates to provide the best experience possible. They additionally have to meet a number of criteria including a nomination and endorsement from a high standard tourism operator and employment within the business for at least 12 months. They also need to have experience delivering interpretation and guiding on the GBR and pass an interview to be accepted into the program.

Who are the Master Reef Guides on Lady Elliot Island?


MRG since 2018 | Working with LEIER since July 2013

My goal is for our guests to leave Lady Elliot feeling passionate and inspired about protecting the Great Barrier Reef. The master reef guide program has helped me do that by taking my guiding to the next level and helping me deliver a once in a lifetime experience for our guests. We can always keep learning and improving and master reef guides helps us as guides to do that, with continued training every year. I am incredibly proud to be included in this group of passionate and inspirational people who love the Reef with all they have to give. I know I have become a better guide, with an extended family all across the Great Barrier Reef.


MRG since 2020 | Working with LEIER since April 2018

I found this program to be a fantastic way to connect with other guides in the marine tourism industry! During my field school I attended presentations from inspiring scientists and developed an enhanced ability to present as part of my job on Lady Elliot Island. The course reminded me that seeing the Great Barrier Reef for the first time can really change someone’s life!


MRG since 2019 | Working with LEIER since November 2020

Being surrounded by guides who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the wonders of the reef constantly inspires me. Learning from experts in the fields of biology, botany, body language interpretation, and geology fine-tuned my knowledge on the intricacies of coral reef ecology. Topping it off with indigenous elders sharing their stories and ways of life has led to a once in a lifetime opportunity which has changed my life.


MRG since 2020 | Working with LEIER since May 2022

The Master Reef Guide program is incredible. The mentors, scientists, managers, guides and all involved are so knowledgeable and inspiring. We get to share our passion for the Great Barrier Reef, the ocean and all its’ critters with our guests. We share our knowledge and current information that we receive through the Master Reef Guide channels, aiming to invoke a deeper passion and understanding for the Reef in our guests.


MRG since 2021 | Working with LEIER since October 2021

Becoming a Master Reef Guide has driven my passion further than I ever thought possible. The people I have met and things I have learnt and continue to embrace consistently blow me away. Having the ability to circulate our knowledge, not only with other ocean enthusiasts, but experts across a variety of fields has been an amazing tool in helping communicate the real story of the Great Barrier Reef.


MRG since 2021 | Working with LEIER since October 2016

The Great Barrier Reef is inspiring all by itself, but the Master Reef Guide program encouraged me to view my role as a guide in a different light. The field school connected me with the most talented and motivating people in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. We are the link between the reef and its visitors, changing their lives one swim, one boat ride, or one presentation at a time.

Naoko ‘Naz’

MRG since 2020 | Working with LEIER since June 2021

Being a Master Reef Guide has given me skills, knowledge as well as the confidence to be able to take people out to the reef and show them the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. The program has introduced me to inspiring mentors that have taught me that even the simplest ways of introducing people the reef can change people’s lives.


Managing Director/ Custodian of LEIER | MRG since 2018

Peter’s personal mission is inspiring people to make a difference – we all have the ability to influence change for the good. He and his family see themselves as custodians of this wonderful island – their goal is to leave a legacy – the legacy of a better place….. to inspire others to do amazing things.

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